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Beautiful Golden Eyebrow "Jin Jun Mei"



Product Type: Black Tea

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Jin Jun Mei (Beautiful Golden Eyebrow in Mandarin) is a famous Chinese tea known for its deep auburn golden hue and delicate slender leaves, like a beautiful women’s eyebrow. It is one of the most beloved Chinese teas, grown and produced in Fujian province.

In the springtime, the two small leaves are plucked from the stem and allowed to fully oxidize; this full oxidation gives Jin Jun Mei its deep and malty aromatic profile. Jin Jun Mei is made of slim black and gold tips, covered in a delicate golden fuzz. Once steeped, it has a smooth body and well-rounded mouthfeel; its taste is sweet, honey-like, malty, velvety smooth, and has hints of vanilla.

Jin Jun Mei is best enjoyed straight, and try multiple steeping it multiple times!

  It is good taste, sweet, fragrant, and mild with a bit of a smoky flavor.

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