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Black Yunnan Golden Special



Product Type: Black Tea

Vendor: TL


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Malty and chocolatey notes.Smooth no bitterness. Steep multiple times. Very similar to the more expensive Yunnen Golden Monkey Imperial. 

Chinese black teas: Yunnan Golden Special is an organic black tea grown and cultivated by craft tea farmers with a distinguished history going back many generations. Yunnan Golden Special is cultivated at the highest altitudes in a cool climate that is home to natural woodland, it is harvested between the end of March and the middle of April.

The leaves are mesmerizing to behold, they are bright gold and similar at first glance to tobacco leaves. Yunnan Golden Special produces a bright copper-colored cup that yields buttery. strong, malt flavor, with finishing cinnamon notes. This is an awe-inspiring black tea with the signature soft earthy Yunnan signature character that can be enjoyed for multiple infusions.


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