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Detox "Recreation" Ayurveda Tea



Product Type: Herbal Tea

Vendor: BonTeas


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Detox recreation is a combination of specific herbs, celebrated for their blood cleansing and clarifying properties. Burdock root cleanses your blood by increasing the effectiveness of our body's elimination system. Dandelion is added to help our body pass unhealthy toxins buildup in the liver and its diuretic properties. 

This blend uses herbs which are known for its blood cleansing properties. Burdock root and dandelion root are the major components. Great taste!

Ingredients Licorice root, cloves, cinnamon pieces, ginger pieces, burdock root, fennel seeds, juniper berries, sage leaves, turmeric root, dandelion root, coriander seeds, parsley leaves, aniseed and black peppercorns.

Allergens NONE

Caffeine levels

Steeping Guidelines

Water Temperature: 212 °F  or 100 °C
Steeping time: 5 minutes
Suggested serving size: 1- 2 teaspoon/250ml or 8oz

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