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Rosehip Shells Tea

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Named the 'Queen of Flowers' by the ancient Greek poet Sappho, rosehips have adorned gardens and fences as far back as ancient Sumer, in or around the year 2600 BCE. Associated with love and all things scared, legend maintains that early Christians even fashioned the world's first rosary beads from dried rosehips, counting out their prayers from hip to hip.

For just about as long, rosehips have also been used by practitioners of folk medicine to craft remedies for a host of ailments. According to European oral tradition, teas made from dried rosehips were commonly prescribed to help ease sore throats and chest infections, relieve sore stomachs, even ease menstrual pain.

Flash forward a few thousand years and modern food scientists have determined that rosehips contain Vitamins C, E, B and K, tannins, pectin, citric acids, flavonoids and more - making it appear that the ancient healers may have been on to something. Along with their purported medical benefits, we love these organic dried rosehips for their delicate character and ability to add a floral tone to tea and herbal blends alike. Harvested and dried in small batches, this is pure rosehip perfection.



Rosehip herbal decoction

Sip this concentrated decoction throughout the day to maximize the nutritional benefit of these luxury-grade rosehips. You'll need: 2.5 tsp dried rosehips and 8 oz cold water. Simply bring water to a boil, add rosehips and simmer 10 minutes, then strain, cool, and enjoy.

Prevents bladder infection, ease headaches and dizziness.


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