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Taiwan Green Tea (Biluochun)



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Taiwan didn't have a history of making green teas, but thanks to the Chinese that came to Taiwan in 1949, Taiwanese started to process this varietal named "Chin Shin Gan" into green tea.  Thus fulfilling the nostalgia of Chinese on the island.

Today the most famous tea from Sanxia is undoubtedly Bi Lo Chun. Unlike Long Jing from Sanxia, Bi-Lo Chun is a fairly new variety to the region. Since the 1990s, Bi-Lo Chun has replaced the fame of Long Jin and became the most popular tea of the region thanks to the special body brought by Qing Xin Gan Zai. Unlike Long Jing, Bi-Lo Chun requires more tender ingredient “one bud one leaf” to process. Until today this kind of green tea is one of the most interesting green tea in the world thanks to the unique tradition of oolong making.  Synthesizing green tea taste and oolong in some aspects.  This feature is especially evident in the body of the tea that isn't present in most green teas.

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