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Lapsang Souchong Chinese Black Tea



Product Type: Black Tea

Vendor: Bon Tea Place


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You will be taken aback by the scent of this tea; for better or for worse! Lapsang Souchong is distinctive from all other types of tea because the leaves are smoke-dried over a pine-wood fire, giving it that smoky flavour and aroma. The colour is golden while the taste will remind you of a good campfire and smoked meats. On top of all this, the cup still brings in around and smooth body for you to enjoy!

Historically this tea was an accident because soldiers had camped in a tea farmer’s drying barn. The tea readily absorbed the smoke from the campfires. Not wanting to throw away all his valuable tea the farmer sold some of it as it was, and also masked the smokiness of a batch using bergamot oil. Thus, Earl Grey tea was born as well (without the smoke these days).


    1 tsp/cup; Temp: 90ºC


    black tea, pines

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